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With the Trail Boss you can ride, hike, or run, and work on trails in the same outing. Its strength, light weight and versatility allows you to bring it along, have fun and still take a moment to fix a switchback or buff that bench section you’ve been meaning to get to. Work the same as if you toted along 3 or 4 bulky long-handled tools.
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Packable
  • Versatile
The Trail Boss fits in a typical trail-size day pack making it easy to bring along and still enjoy the day. With the sturdy full-length handle you can dig the dirt with gusto.

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A variety of heads; McLeod, various mattocks, Rogue hoes, shovels and saw, provide the right tools for any trail project. Start small with one or two heads and expand later as your needs and budget dictate.

The strong and durable handle is fabricated from either pultruded structural fiberglass or chromoly alloy steel tube bonded to precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum couplings. It is supple enough to absorb the shock from hard blows to the dirt and study enough to withstand them.

Tool heads are made from tempered alloy steel or forged ductile iron mounted to the Trail Boss coupling adapter for attaching to the handle. All fastener hardware is stainless steel.

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Tested in conditions ranging from the Pacific Northwest to Southern California and east across North America to the Carolinas, Vermont and beyond, the Trail Boss can handle it all: mud, roots, rocks, forest duff, glacial till, hard-packed clay, sand, and brush.
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Designed and built by trail users and builders in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, USA the Trail Boss was created so we can toss a tool in a small pack and ride the trails for the afternoon, stopping to buff a turn, dig a drain, fill a washout, or reinforce a loose climb along the way. Maybe you want to do the same.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

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The Trail Boss is doing exactly what I hoped - and has proved very durable. I carry it on my trail inspections and minor maintenance tours with the mcleod, hoe, and saw attachments … Gives me the flexibility to get those unexpected fixes done without having to come back with different tools.
Clay Grubb, Senior Crew Leader, Tahoe Rim Trail Association

P h i l o s o p h y

A Packable Trail Tool The Trail Boss idea came from a desire to do trail maintenance in the midst of a fun mountain bike ride, a way to relieve the frustration of traversing trail sections that could use work but no tools were handy. One thing lead to another and the Trail Boss was born. Our goal is to make strong, high-quality, lightweight, packable tools for people to create and maintain the best back country trails possible.

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Our Manufacturing Philosophy

We like making cool functional products that last. Our methods are simple, with a small low impact footprint. We like applying both current technology and well established techniques. We may grow up some day, but not too much.
We machine, fabricate and assemble almost everything, buying off-the-shelf when it isn’t practical to make ourselves. We choose local suppliers first, then US-based manufacturers, and finally from wherever we can. We’re always looking for new local sources of quality materials at reasonable prices. We constantly work to improve our products and our methods.

Our trail building (and bike riding) colleagues aren’t afraid to share their opinions about what we should do and how we should do it. Occasionally they come-up with good ideas and some are implemented in our products. But sometimes we have to smile and nod and change the subject to avoid an awkward situation. Beer helps.
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In summary, we try to do what makes sense technically, financially, environmentally, socially, locally and personally to provide the best trail tools in the world. This is the closest we’ll ever come to a mission statement. Promise.
We promise to keep our prices as reasonable as possible while continuously improving product quality and our ability to continue in business. We value all our customers and offer the same price for everyone regardless of; pro-level status, industry insider, non-profit, gear blogger, land manager, public agency, activity club, association, or general awesomeness of project or personality.

We also promise to avoid using words like “sustainability” and “paradigm”. How much are you willing to pay for a new sustainable paradigm? Me too.

It really is a great tool and I use it a lot. It works really well if I'm out on trail maintenance and have to hike or bike in a long ways or just check an entire trail on a walk through. I have to admit I was skeptical about the durability, but my concerns proved to be wrong. It's super sturdy and lasts.
Thomas A. Schoen, First Journey Consulting